Welcome to the updated website! I’m now researching Encounters Unforeseen’s sequel, which will chronicle the lives of the same Taíno and European protagonists from September 1493 to 1498, the period of the Taíno chieftains’ resistance to subjugation during and after Columbus’s second voyage. It’ll take me some years to write.

Encounters Unforeseen ends before the second voyage departs Spain, and my July blog “Summer 1493” was the last blog about events “On This Date 525 Years Ago.” The “On This Date 525 Years Ago” blogs are now archived in chronological order under 1492 Blogs—check it out!

I’ll continue to blog here and post on Facebook with occasional updates and—when I travel to investigate sites where the sequel’s events take place—photos and other images. In addition to the Dominican Republic and Haiti, these investigations will take me to Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and other Caribbean Islands, as well as Spain, Portugal, and Rome.

Sketches of Protagonists