Meet Andrew Rowen

Andrew Rowen is a U.C. Berkeley and Harvard Law graduate who practiced law as a partner of a major New York City law firm for almost 30 years prior to retiring to write Encounters Unforeseen. He devoted six years to researching the underlying historical record and visiting nearly all the Caribbean, European, and Atlantic locations where the action takes place, including the archaeological sites where the Taíno chieftains lived in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He lives in New York City with his wife and three kids.

Andrew has long been interested in the roots of religious intolerance. His inspiration in writing is not only to validly depict the encounters from both viewpoints, but to illustrate a civility and tolerance of the society and religion vanquished that are now often lacking in the modern societies and religions we have inherited. He is now researching and writing the sequel to Encounters Unforeseen, which will continue chronicling the lives of the Taíno and European protagonists from 1493 to 1498—the period of the Taíno chieftains’ resistance to subjugation during and after Columbus’s second voyage.

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