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Images contained on this website are taken from Columbus and Caonabó and Encounters Unforeseen as follows: Home Page and background to all pages, the books’ cover pages illustrated by Robert Hunt. The footer to all pages, portions of: Genove la Superba, an engraving from the Nuremberg Chronicle of 1493, and a bohío drawn by Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo in Historia General y Natural de Las Indias. The images of the Taíno in the hammock on the 1492 Blogs page and of the caney on the Contact page, also by Oviedo, from same source. The image of Columbus on the pages relating to Columbus and Caonabó is the Ghirlandaio exhibited in Genoa’s Galata Museum, and the image of Isabella on the Blog page is Juan de Flandes’s portrait exhibited in Madrid’s Palacio Real. All maps and some images by David Atkinson. Sketches of Caonabó, Anacaona, and the Taíno owl and Yúcahu by Boris De Los Santos. Oviedo images from Biodiversity Heritage Library. For further details, see Columbus and Caonabó and Encounters Unforeseen.

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